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an Adult Film Model.

We Are A 100% Women-Owned Business.

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Denise Morgan
“Monthly Earnings of $14,500”
“This opportunity has been life-changing for me. Lots of thought and research went into getting started in this business. But after the first three weeks, I realized I had made the absolute best decision of my life.

The job offers to do scenes are steady, and I am in total control of the work I accept. In just the last two weeks, I’ve made $8,200. This brings my monthly earnings up to $14,500.”  

– Denise Morgan
Jennifer Taylor
From the desk of:
Jennifer Taylor
Wednesday, 8:52 PM
Vice President, Film Jobs

Hi Ladies,

Are you an attractive woman who’s looking to earn an average of $10,000 per month?

Fact is, you can earn thousands of dollars on a daily basis – and it’s incredibly easy with our personal help and guidance.

First and foremost, we are a 100% women-owned business that puts your safety and privacy first.

Don’t want your face shown?

Well, that’s perfectly okay, because we also provide footage for private collections, which means your footage will never be seen online.

Or, you can choose to wear a mask or not show your face at all.

Yes, all of these options are made available to you, depending on your preferences and comfortability.

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Tiffany Edwards
“Delivers Exactly What It Promises”
“Yes, I’m HAPPY to share my success story. Everything about this business has been a dream come true and has exceeded all of my expectations.

It feels good to finally be involved with something that delivers exactly what it promises. I’m making money and having fun doing it. I was able to quit my stressful job and enjoy a career that gives me both financial AND time freedom.”

– Tiffany Edwards

Earn A Full-Time Income In Your Spare Time – All For Just “An Hour’s Work.”

Regardless of what brought you here today… Whether it’s because you’ve been curious about the adult film industry.

Or maybe you’re looking for alternative ways to generate a part-time or a very full-time income on the side.

Whatever your reason, we’re glad you’re here.

Whether you decide to move forward and contact us so you can learn more, at the very least we can provide you with what you need to know to decide if this is right for you.

In fact... We were just like many of you when we first got started in this business.

It’s normal to have a lot of questions and be “on the fence” wondering if this profession is right for you.

After all, the money is VERY good, especially for just one hour’s worth of work per scene.
Sandra Neilson
“Massive Weekly Paychecks”
“In addition to the massive weekly paychecks, they also set me up with an OnlyFans account and sex toy line, which earned me a combined $16,485 last month.

These are automated and ever-growing profits that come every single month like clockwork. For me, this has been the fastest and easiest path to a lifelong residual income that never stops.”

– Sandra Neilson

Earn $10,000 to $25,000 per month in your spare time... it's as easy as 1-2-3!

Our models enjoy a lifestyle that many could never even imagine.

Working just one day per week can provide you with a minimum $10,000 per month income.

Two days a week can give you a $20,000 per month income.

Are you interested in working and earning this kind of a steady, guaranteed income?

Now before we go into the details, let’s address the #1 question we get…

We’re always asked if you need to be a model or have some sort of experience.

The reality is that adult websites are looking for ALL types of talent.

All looks. Every ethnicity. Every experience level.

Just a quick look at any of the popular adult websites we work with will show you there are models from every walk of life.

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Amber Mills
“From unemployed to $9,500 My Very First Month”
“Working with Jennifer and her friendly staff, I went from unemployed to $9,500 my very first month. And I was someone who knew nothing about the adult industry. But they took me by the hand and helped me every step of the way. Don’t overthink it ladies… This was meant for you!”

– Amber Mills

Work One Time, Sometimes, Part-Time Or Full-Time… You Decide.

We understand the “ins and outs” of the profession and ensure all of our models are provided with safe work environments.

Yes, the adult film industry provides you with the real opportunity to earn $2,500 for one hour of work.

And you can work as much or as little as you like, whenever you like, creating any size of a monthly income as you desire.

Write your own paycheck!

There’s not another industry or profession which provides this type of income, with many models earning well over $10,000 in cash every single month.

I'm ready!
Felicia Williams
“$11,850 In 3 Short Weeks”
I started 3 weeks ago and have already done my first few scenes, earning a total of $11,850. I never dreamed of making so much money so easily, and in such a short period of time.”
– Felicia Williams
Jessica Wilson
“I Would Do This Forever If I Could”
“Even though I was super excited to have found this website, I was still nervous about what to expect. I was afraid of getting scammed, or maybe being underpaid and taken advantage of once I started working.

But this has been one of the most incredibly fun experiences of my life. I work whenever I want to and the pay is mindblowing for such easy work. I would do this forever if I could.”

– Jessica Wilson

You Have Seen Our Work Everywhere…

Our company provides talent for the industry’s top adult film companies such as: Reality Kings, Evil Angel, Wicked Pictures, Jules Jordan Video, Elegant Angel, Brazzers, Digital Sin, and many others.

You’ve also seen our models on all the most popular online sites such as,,,,,, and many more!

And remember, we also provide footage for private collections, so if you prefer your footage to never be seen online or that never shows your face, we have this option as well.

Why Consider Being In Adult Films?

Earn $2,500 per film shoot with the option to work as little or as much as you want.
This opportunity is open to anyone 18 years of age or older, regardless of experience.
If you have privacy concerns like some of our models, “private collection” scene work is also available. (This means the video footage never goes online or your face is not shown).
Work as much or as little as you choose. (You determine how much money you want to make).
All expenses are paid if travel is ever required for film shoots (From time to time there are opportunities available to work on private yachts, islands, upscale homes around the country, and exotic locations).
Safe working environments. Most of the shoots are done in upscale homes & studios in beautiful California.
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Sabrina Jones
“Safe, Relaxed Environment”
I was so nervous starting out. But it helped that the audition was held in a safe, relaxed environment. I felt comfortable the entire time I was there. The gentleman who conducted it was very professional and easy to work with, which made things quite fun and exciting.

I had three paid scenes lined up for me the following week. I was then able to review, accept, and schedule them at my own pace, with no pressure involved.

– Sabrina Jones

We Work With You To
Secure The Work You Want…

Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of women to help them get their start in our profession.

Whether we work with you on a one-time shoot or you’d like to work regularly, we handle everything so it’s 100% hands-off for you.

Because we’re a women-owned business, we are extremely sensitive to your needs and your concerns.

If after you talk to us you decide this is not for you, we completely understand.

We know that everyone considers making adult films for different reasons.

And whatever your reason, we 100% respect that and respect you.

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Gloria Torres
“Huge Paydays”
“I’m so grateful to the owners of this company. Jennifer and the crew are accessible, responsive, and a delight to work with. But most of all, they are reliable in getting me the huge paydays I had heard about.”

– Gloria Torres

YOU Are Always Our Priority
When Working With Us…

Because we are a boutique talent agency, we are limited to the number of women we work with at any given time.

This ensures we can always focus on your specific needs and match you with your working preferences.

And as we have mentioned, your safety and ensuring that we provide you with a safe and comfortable working environment is always our #1 priority.

Because of our reputation and  history in the industry, we can provide 100% guaranteed jobs with top-level companies – those with proven track records – so you’ll be getting paid the highest rates possible for a new model, which is $2,500 per shoot to start.

And yes! You can start earning much more after you get a bit of experience.

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Mia Davis
“Paychecks Have Been Non-Stop”
“I discovered Film Jobs about 8 months ago. I got my first $2,500 scene just six days after my audition. And then another $1,800 scene 4 days after that.

And since then, the paychecks have been non-stop. This is income that I’ve used to pay for school, buy a new car, vacation with friends, and get out of debt. It’s the dream lifestyle!”

– Mia Davis

Ready To Learn More?

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Serious inquiries only. You must be 18-35 years old with a valid ID. Must be attractive, with a slim, curvy, or athletic figure.
If you decide to move forward after getting all your questions answered, the next step is setting an appointment for an audition with one of our male talent. If the audition goes well, paid scene work starts within 7 days at the $2,500 per scene rate.
Because of the top-tier clients we work with, we are very selective about who we represent. You must be reliable (show up on time for video shoots), open-minded, and easy to work with.
If we decide to work together, we guarantee you a minimum of one scene per week at $2,500, which is $10,000 in monthly income, with the opportunity to work multiple times per week.
Kimberly Allen
“Smartest Moves I’ve Ever Made”
“I started by talking to several other girls in the industry who had exploded their monthly incomes in record time. And once I got started, I found out things were even easier than I imagined.

This is definitely one of the smartest moves I ever made. If you’re looking to take your income to the next level, this is certainly the roadmap.”

– Kimberly Allen

Spots Are Limited – Act Now To See If This Is Right For You…

We open the doors to work with new models only 2 to 3 times per year.

2021 has been our best year ever as we’ve helped well over 150 women secure at least one $2,500 “per week paycheck” across all of our partners. Want to be next?

To be considered, you can email me directly at: with your brief bio. (Remember, zero experience is required. Just share a little about yourself.)

Important: Please include recent full-body photos and your phone number. And feel free to ask any questions you have after reviewing this website.

Either I or someone on my staff will get back to you within 48 hours.

I can’t wait to read your success story!
Jennifer Taylor
Jennifer Taylor signature
P.S. – See below for some “Frequently Asked Questions” that I’ve put together for you. After reading, I’m sure you’ll know if this business is right for you or not.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How soon can I be hired and start earning income?

A: Based on how you perform in your audition, you can immediately start the following week earning $2,500 per scene. This amount increases with experience. Top models can earn up to $3,500 (or much, much more per scene.)

You can work as much or as little as you like. We work with those who work just one or two days a month, all the way to those who work multiple times per week. You are in full control of your schedule, who you work with, and how much income you generate.

One film shoot per week pays you $10,000 per month. Two shoots per week is $5,000 per week, or $20,000 per month. Three shoots per week is $7,500 per week, or $30,000 per month. You are paid $2,500 after each shoot to start.

How many scenes you do per week or month is totally up to you. You are not under any type of contract or obligation to do any number of scenes. You have 100% control of your own schedule.

The best part is that you’ll have fun while enjoying a truly unlimited income. Plus, you’ll be expanding your network by meeting new and powerful people within the industry which opens the doors for additional, higher paying opportunities.

Q: What is the one-time audition for? Is this paid?

A. The companies we work with generate many millions of dollars per year. They are very strict about not having their time wasted. They want to know beforehand that anyone they hire is serious and able to perform. 

The reason why the adult industry does auditions is to ensure that you are able to perform certain acts prior to companies hiring you for paid film work.

One-time auditions in the profession are not paid shoots because they are not used for profit. It is only used to display your talent to companies within the industry who require footage of new talent.

Auditions typically last 45 minutes or less and you will be walked through the process every step of the way to ensure you are comfortable. 

Safety is always the #1 priority for us and every company we partner with. The male performer who does your audition will have a recent STD test (14 days or less) that is verified by our office. 

Based on your audition, we can get you paid jobs starting within 7 days, sometimes sooner.

Q: If I choose to do this full-time, is relocation assistance available to move to California?

A: Yes, this is quite common in the industry. We have associates who help with relocation to California. To make your transition go smooth, you are provided with an apartment and a vehicle, if needed.

Once you’ve gotten settled and start earning a consistent income, you can then take over those monthly expenses, which are now easily paid for out of your scene earnings within the first couple of scenes.

Q: Is there a guarantee in the minimum number of video shoots I can secure each week?

A: Yes. If we work together, we can guarantee you a minimum of one film shoot per week at $2,500, which is $10,000 in monthly income

We specialize in connecting you with the top-paying professionals in the industry. Many will also hire you on a consistent basis if they enjoy the experience of working with you. 

It is also very common in the industry for you to be working with multiple providers, which provides you the opportunity to work a handful or many times a week. You are in full control of how often you work.

Q: Do I have any control of the companies I work for?

A: Yes, you do. In fact, we are just as discriminating as you are in the companies we accept into our database and partner with. 

This is why we pre-screen any individual or company with a stringent application process. This all happens long before any company is allowed access to you. 

This state-of-the-art vetting is used to pair you with the perfect employers and best opportunities possible. 

And because of our long-term relationships with companies and producers in the industry, we only work with the best to ensure our models are provided with safe, secure, and long-term opportunities. 

Q: I understand that the scenes in the adult industry involve unprotected sex (both intercourse and oral). How will I assure that I am safe and protected?

A: The adult film industry has incredibly strict guidelines and rules everyone must follow to ensure the safety of all coworkers. 

You can rest assured that you are 100% safe and protected since we fully verify the identity, background, and license of every company registered with us. This includes the most recent STD test results of the actors you’ll work with. 

We and all of our partners strictly follow the guidelines established to ensure safety.

Q: How do you protect my privacy?

A: Like all top-tier agencies, we place a premium on privacy and guarantee that your personal information will never be shared. 

You can rest assured that all of your information is kept 100% offline and confidential. 

If you have privacy concerns as it relates to filming and your footage being seen online, you have the opportunity to do “private collection” scene work.

Private collection is content that is specifically filmed for private use only. This content never goes online and is filmed only for “in-home” viewership by the individual who requests it.

At your request, we can also note in your profile that you will only do scenes which allow you to wear a mask or not show your face at all. 

This is not uncommon and a way many get their start in the profession. It all comes down to your comfort level. That is your choice and is 100% respected. 

We also guarantee you safe and upscale working environments where you are always comfortable and in control of the actions you perform.

Q: What specific criteria do adult film producers look for when hiring?

A: Producers are interested in hiring girls who are fun, open-minded, very submissive, and who have a sweet personality. The key is being reliable and very easy to work with.

Q: Is there an application? And when will I hear back from you?

A: Unfortunately, due to high demand, we’re not able to reply back to everyone. We only accept a limited number of girls to work with at one time, so we are very selective. However, if we feel you are right, we will surely be in touch. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back from us.

And yes, you can fill out the online application by clicking here. Your application must be reviewed and approved before you are accepted. This process may take up to 7 business days.

Q: By working with me, do you take a percentage of my earnings for helping me secure jobs?

A: You do not pay us anything. The way our agency is compensated is that we earn a commission directly from the companies who hire you. 

That is our role as an agency. We have a database of all the top providers, they provide us with a list of the types of models they are looking for, and we go out and find them. 

We work with you, ensure all of your questions are answered, match you with providers who are looking for someone like you, book your scenes, and they pay you $2,500 following the filming. 

Q: I’m ready to speak to you and schedule my audition. What are the next steps?

A: To be considered, you must first fill out the online application by clicking here. 

Q: What if I’m not 100% sure this is right for me?

A: Let’s face it. Working in the adult film industry is obviously not for everyone. But for those who it is, it’s an extremely lucrative (and FUN) profession where you have a lot of free time and you’re not tied down to a typical job. 

Additionally, there is a high level of professionalism and great people. If you have ever been to an adult film festival or conference in Las Vegas, you’ve experienced and have seen this first-hand.

Many work in the profession to support their family, travel the world, pay for college, or buy a car or home. Others just work a day or two per month to supplement their income. 

And yes, we’ll be honest and say there are those of us who are here to have fun, make new friends, and make money while doing it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Regardless of the many reasons why others get started in this profession, your reason is your reason. It’s not anything we will ask and frankly, it is none of anyone's business why you’re here. 

We will never under any circumstances convince you what to do one way or another. It’s 100% your decision to start, just as it is 100% your decision if you want to work or not.

You are in full control of your journey and income in this business.

You are in full control of your journey and income in this business.

If you’re not quite sure yet, save our website and come back another time and see if we are still accepting new applications.

If we are full, we typically open again in 3-6 months for a limited time, until we reach capacity of the number of models we can work with.

If our Contact Us button, as well my email and phone number are displayed on this website, we are currently open to new applications.